Provision of child protection helpline services

This project supported by JNO builds upon the lessons learnt from the Girl Power Programme and focuses on providing support to the survivors (boys, girls and women) of violence during the first year as well as focusing beyond 2017. The strengthening and expansion of GPP helpline which have got an national toll free dialling code 1098 will be for the protection of girls and women who are either experiencing different kinds of violence or who face the threat of violence and do not have access to any protection services that can provide them with relevant support and protect their rights. It is absolutely free even if the caller is using a mobile phone. This number is common among many South Asian countries where Child Helpline International or its partners are working.
The project will also engage law enforcement agencies and judiciary who in terms of extending their support to the helplines in all provincial capitals as well as at the district level. In addition, CSOs, government departments, parliamentarians, legislators, media, lawyers, counsellors, civil society, media reps, and referral partners will be provided awareness on Human Rights, Child Rights and Women’s Rights. To highlight the need for improved child protection system, relevant officials from the government departments will also be engaged through press conferences and other engagement activities. This intervention will also empower the survivors of violence to speak out and will also work on providing legal literacy on child rights, protection, law enforcement and new laws, policies, and procedures related to violence against children and women. Project activities include Public Interest Litigation and will introduce a Mobile Community Outreach Unit for increasing outreach in case of remote areas or disaster struck locations.