LHRLA was established in 1989, It served objective of providing free legal services and rendering preventive/remedial assistance to women and children victims of violence but it’s canvas of work expanded each passing year covering physical and sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, trafficking, Karo Kari (honor killing), kidnapping, burn cases, corporal punishment, child marriage, children connected with streets, sexual and reproductive health rights issues throughout Pakistan. LHRLA works at both the micro (protection services) and macro (policy and state) levels. It lobbies for reforming discriminatory laws, and enactment/effective implementation of specific laws, policies and mechanisms on several child and women protection concerns such as trafficking, child marriages, children-connected with streets, VAW and VAC etc. We also do advocacy and lobby for the ratification and implementation of international as well as regional conventions/protocols related to protection of women and children rights.

LHRLA had given “DIRECT” input and feedback into several laws drafted and approved in Sindh for children and women protection including Sindh Child Protection Authority Act, Child Marriage Restraint Act, the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act and Protection of Women (Criminal Laws Amendment) Act.