Promoting Gender Inclusive Growth in CWRD DMCs

A principal characteristic of the challenges faced by Pakistan is the basic human rights violation, with an increasing trend of Gender Based Violence (GBV Cases as its apparent from the UN report (2011), Pakistan ranks 145th state among 187 world states in human development. This calls for a serious response interrelating various preventive/remedial steps to remove negative attitudes, cultural taboos and practices to overcome constraints faced in the toil to bring justice to the masses. Existing approaches of working towards stabilizing the country’s deteriorating situation have proved inadequate to implement in a society characterized by absent governmental legal aid. This begs the question as to how to implement sustainable programs to counter Gender based Violence in Pakistan.
The purpose of this project was to address Gender Based Violence in Pakistan by working to strengthen and sensitize existing protection systems operating at the provincial levels, and develop a pool of lawyers to provide free legal aid to women survivors and improve visibility of helpline.
The project as a whole attempted to respond to the chronic problem of how to ensure the accessibility GBV victims to legal aid and other referral systems and empower youth to address GBV issue at a larger level to create awareness and inform youth of their rights and how to protect them.