Address Gender Base Violence (GBV) specially focusing on sexual violence and early forced marriages in Pakistan

The issues of early and forced marriage are not dealt comprehensively and the mechanisms are not working and needs to be challenged.
Fortunately Sind province became first among all the provinces that passed a bill against the child mirages but the other formalities and the implementation process on the act is very slow. Secondly stake holders have very limited understanding regarding the bill. Taking this initiative Madadgaar aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of all the stake holders on this act, in Sind province, apart from this we expect that the project will play an important role to make an opinion to move this bill in rest of the provincial assemblies.
Through the project LHRLA/MNH will focus to disseminate knowledge and information on GBV among the youth to sensitize them and prepare them to combat all types of violence including sexual violence and early forced marriage issue.
Rehabilitation and reintegration of young women, boys and girls who have been victims of early forced marriage and sexual violence will be one of the main objectives of the project. Madadgaar will focus throughout the project cycle on provision of legal aid and eliminating human trafficking, lobbying against discriminatory laws and social practices, creating general awareness about legal, economic and social rights and mobilizing public opinion for a just society. We will also build capacity of helpline staff and lawyers through this intervention for better delivery of services and sustainability to the work.